Fellows to SCCL

Fellows can be associated with SCCL, both younger and more established researchers in commercial law in a broad sense, from doctoral students to emeritus professors. The researchers associated with SCCL as Fellows should normally be, or have been, active at the Faculty of Law at Stockholm University. In special cases, others may also be associated with the SCCL as Fellows. Doctoral students cannot be admitted to SCCL. Depending on experience and seniority, the categories Fellow, Senior Fellow and Junior Fellow are applied. Fellows with a place of work at SCCL can be found on the page “Our people”.

Visiting Fellows can be associated with SCCL, in order to establish a lasting collaboration to promote research of common interest. A researcher or legal scholar who is or has been active at a university or college outside or within Sweden, and a person active outside university or college, who possesses the capacity for scientific activity, may be appointed as a Visiting Fellow. Depending on experience and seniority, the categories Visiting Fellow, Senior Visiting Fellow and Junior Visiting Fellow are applied. A Visiting Fellow shall normally be appointed for a certain period of time not exceeding three years.

Fellows and Visiting Fellows are appointed by the Board after consultation with the Scientific Council. The status of Fellow and Visiting Fellow may be relinquished at any time. The Board may also decide that the status of Fellow or Visiting Fellow shall be terminated.

To date, SCCL has established cooperation with the following Visiting Fellows:

Visiting Fellows:

Mads Bryde Andersen
Johan Bärlund
Matthew Dyson
Anders Fernlund
Eiríkur Jónsson
Ciara Kennefick
Rune Sæbø
David B. Wilkins
Andrew Robertson

Senior Visiting Fellows:

Lars Afrell
Stig von Bahr
Bill Blair
Ross Cranston
Lars Hörnberg
Stefan Lindskog
Mikael Mellqvist

Junior Visiting Fellows:

Aleksander Kalisz
Johanna Karlervik
Vincent Schmidt-Hollburg