The Research Panels have an extensive range of seminar activities, that attracts a large number of participants – up to a hundred per each seminar. It is also common that The Research Panels co-operate and arrange joint seminars. In some cases, the subject of the seminar is developed into a major conference, which has resulted in additions to SCCL’s publication series.

The panel focuses on current issues (topics?) that arise in the field of property law. Issues (topics?) addressed recently have included unjust enrichments, duty of notification (reklamation) and formation of precedents. Issues often come to center on principles, and a discussion of this kind can also be carried on against the background of more specific issues of contract law. The members of the Panel consist of practitioners and academics with a special interest in the development of the law of contract and obligations. Many topics have natural connections to other Research Panels and accordingly, there is close co-operation between the Panels when seminar activities are concerned.
Head of Research Panel:
Alexander Unnersjö, LL.D., Stockholm University

The members of this Research Panel consist of both academics and professional lawyers. The Panel meets regularly to discuss current topics in company and securities law. The Panel forms part of a Nordic network of researchers in the field of company and securities law. In addition, the Panel arranges recurring conferences and evening seminars for researchers and practicing lawyers, resulting, among other things, in contributions to the SCCL’s publication series.
Head of Research Panel:
Carl Svernlöv, Partner (advokat), Baker McKenzie
Head of Research Panel:
Jessica Östberg, Associate Professor, Stockholm University

The Swedish Corporate Governance Institute conducts applied corporate governance research and education from a law and economics perspective on how the regulatory framework and market practices effects business dynamics, ownership, entrepreneurship, innovation and investments in the real economy. The work is focused on topical legal and regulatory issues as well as legal and market practices relevant for Swedish listed companies and stock market. The Institute benefits from collaboration with an extensive Swedish and international network of academics and practitioners.
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The Research Panel specifically addresses the relationship between EU law and commercial law in the broad sense, e.g. in relation to Swedish law. The Panel also observes the European protection of rights, both in Community law and in convention law under the European Convention.
Head of Research Panel:
Professor Ulf Bernitz, Stockholm University

The construction sector is of great importance in society. From a legal point of view, various assignment relationships appear to be central. The Panel is particularly focused on significant issues that are raised in such relationships, but also observes procurement and insurance law issues concerning the construction sector. Developments in case law are followed up continuously and in thoroughly.
The members of the Panel consist of both practitioners and academics with particular interest in legal developments in the construction sector.
Many of the topics addressed in this Panel are naturally related to, in particular, the Panel for Law of Contract and Obligations and the Panel for Tort Law. Seminar activities are therefore planned in close co-operation with these Panels.
Head of Research Panel:
Professor Per Samuelsson, Lund University

The intergovernmental engagement of sustainability has steadily increased. A large number of initiatives, intergovernmental conventions, regulations and laws that companies abide by have emerged. Meanwhile, the expectations of voluntary corporate contributions in the area have increased. A number of companies are doing more than what is legally required, and are committing in various ways to social and environmental aspects in their business.
Current sustainability matters include, among others, proactive environmental efforts, systematic efforts of anti-corruption, measures to ensure good labour conditions within supply chains as well as measures to prevent violations of human rights.
The Panel is focused on promoting research at the interface between traditional commercial law and issues related to sustainability, with particular focus on methods and structures that are needed to consider, develop and implement so-called soft law to meet the expectations of various stakeholders. The research shall aim to, from a socio-economic and legal perspective, illustrate the regulation of sustainability issues that takes place as a result of the requirements placed on companies from various stakeholders. The work within the Panel should further promote exchange of opinions between people active in the Panel’s research and practice. Such topics on sustainability also affect other facets of the Faculty of Law as well as other research panels within SCCL; the interdisciplinary nature of sustainability concerns provide opportunities for cooperation as well as joint activities.
Head of Research Panel:
Advokat Biörn Reise, JURIE

This Panel engages in seminar, conference and publishing activities relating to real property law. Its activities are divided between two units: the Real Estate Law Discussion Club (FDK) and the Tenancy Law Discussion Club (HDK). HDK is headed by Kristian Eriksson, former hyresråd, and concentrates mainly on tenancy and tentant-ownership issues. The Panel arranges approximately five seminars annually and attract a large crowd of lawyers from a variety of fields.
The Panel’s publications is thus far Julius, Munukka & Baheru (red.), Bostadsrätten i initial- och övergångsskeden (2019), Ljungkvist, Skälig hyra (2015), and Wängberg, Munukka & Baheru (red.), Hyresgästens skadeståndsansvar (2012).
Head of Research Panel:
Professor Jori Munukka, Stockholm University
This Panel is particularly concerned with shedding light on the regulation and workings of financial enterprises and markets in a socio-economic perspective.
One task is to promote an exchange of views between individuals active in the financial sector. The Panel includes both economists and lawyers, plus representatives of government, the academic community and the private sector. The Panel has established co-operation with the Ministry of Finance, the Central Bank of Sweden, the National Debt Office and the Financial Supervisory Authority.

The Panel shall contribute towards research projects aimed at recruiting a group of competent financial market regulators. Physically assembling a research group at SCCL is part of that ambition. Five postgraduate students are especially closely associated with the Panel, partly through having reference groups from it.
Head of Research Panel: Professor Gustaf Sjöberg, Stockholm University

This Research Panel addresses issues of insurance law in the broad sense and comprises both academics and professionals. The Panel arranges two evening seminars annually on current insurance-related topics meriting closer study. The Panel also work regularly with other Research Panels, e.g. those for Financial Market Law and Tort Law. Seminar topics have, for example, included “Subrogation as a business idea” and “Solvency II. Framework legislation for the insurance industry – threat or opportunity?”.
Head of Research Panel:
Professor Jessika van der Sluijs, Stockholm University
Both academics and professionals are affiliated to this Panel. The Panel arranges seminars and symposia in the fields of insolvency law and the law of personal property in the broad sense. Seminars in recent years have included: “Possession of money in an account – The implications of the concept of possession in penal and civil law”; “Credit security in intellectual resources – Background and societal premises”; “Reclaim in bankruptcy of contract performance and cancellation of contracts when void” and “The genesis of claim”.
Head of Research Panel:
Advokat Erik Selander, DLA Piper
Head of Research Panel:
Johan Sandstedt, docent och lektor, Stockholm University

As the China Desk of SCCL, the research panel is dedicated to issues pertaining to legal developments in contemporary China, especially in the field of commercial law. The expansion of trade with China in recent years has given rise to a steady increase of interest in the Chinese legal system in general and commercial law in particular. The panel serves as a meeting point for academics, practitioners as well as representatives from the public and private sector that are interested in these matters. Another focal point of the panel is the Sweden-China relationship in trade and investments. The purpose is to facilitate exchange of ideas and knowledge between the different professions. Seminars, conferences and lecturers are organized, in Sweden and beyond, for this purpose.
Head of Research Panel:
Kelly Chen, LL.D., Stockholm University
The Research Panel for Media Law studies legal phenomena associated with the contemporary communication society’s mediation and dissemination of data, entertainment, journalism and information in the broad sense. Hereby the Panel interests in contemporary methods for communication in broadcasting, webcasting and modern telecom facilities as well as traditional forms of making media content available to the public. Accordingly, the Panel’s field of interest comprehends the legal preconditions governing dissemination of information to the public as well as public access to information, hereby also including matters of secrecy, personal privacy and personal data. Further, preconditions for freedom of expression and information as set forth in constitutional and civil law are part of the Panel’s field of interest, as are values of exclusive intellectual property rights, especially with regard to trademarks and copyright. EU law and international conventions, agreements and treaties are of particular relevance to mass communication and media content – the Panel thus studies the complex EU and convention-based foundations of media law.
The Research Panel for Media Law regularly arranges at least two advanced seminars each semester.
Head of Research Panel:
Professor Jan Rosén, Stockholm University

Each member of the Panel are experts in Tort Law from both academic and business communities as well as from the public sector.
The Panel addresses the Law of Torts in the broad sense and provides a meeting point for an interchange of views between tort lawyers in various disciplines and fields of activity. Attention is made to focus on both contractual and non-contractual liability.
The Panel works primarily through knowledge interchanges of different kinds, and meets regularly for the elucidation and discussion of current tort law issues and new developments. As part of its activities, the Panel initiates and arranges seminars, lectures and conferences with both researchers and practicing lawyers as well as other parties with an interest in the Law of Torts.
Head of Research Panel:
Professor Mårten Schultz, Stockholm University

One of the main objectives of the Research Panel for Tax Law is to provide a meeting point for practicing tax lawyers and academics, for the elucidation and discussion of tax law issues. The Panel sees an important task in promoting the interchange of viewpoints and knowledge between the different tax law professional communities. To Panel regularly arranges seminars, conferences and lectures within various sectors of tax law.
The Panel has established co-operation with Deloitte, EY, KPMG, PwC and Svalner Skatt & Transaktion in the purpose of supporting tax law research within the frame of the Panel’s aegis at SCCL and further developing and strengthening co-operation between itself and legal practice. Support is provided in research fields with a bearing, direct or indirect, on the implementation of tax law issues handled by the tax departments of the firms mentioned, and this co-operation also helps to finance the Panel’s public seminars.
Head of Research Panel:
Caroline Nordklint, LL.D., Stockholm University

The Stockholm University Institute for Arbitration Law, formed in 1985, has merged with SCCL and its activities were taken over, as from 2005, by SCCL’s Research Panel for Arbitration and Other Forms of Dispute Resolution. The Panel is tasked with bringing together academics, judges and practicing lawyers with a view to promoting research and education in arbitration law, both in Sweden and international legal relationships. These activities help the Panel to promote interchange of ideas, knowledge and experiences within dispute resolutions in commercial disputes. The main emphasis being on aspects of commercial law.
The Panel arranges scholarly lectures, courses and seminars, as well as other forms of educational activity. It has a specialist library which is open to researches, students and other interested parties.
Head of Research Panel:
Advokat Axel Calissendorff, Calissendorff Swarting Advokatbyrå