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The EU COM Proposal for a Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive

2022-10-27T11:32:21+02:0027 October, 2022|

Speech by director Rolf Skog given on 27 Oct 2022 at the conference Nuevas Obligaciones de los Administradores de las Sociedades de Capital, organized by Ilustre Colegio Notarial de Madrid. Corporate governance and business have an important role to play in the green transition and sustainability. There are however serious risks tied to the enforcement of corporate governance standards that are not carefully crafted, such as parts of the COM:s proposal for a Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive, which might prove to be counterproductive from a sustainability perspective, as well as damaging businesses and their access to capital. Read the [...]

The Swedish Corporate Bond Market and Bondholder Rights

2022-10-14T11:02:42+02:0014 October, 2022|

During the last year, the SCGI, together with the OECD, has conducted a research project regarding the Swedish corporate bond market. On the SCGI:s side, the project is headed by director Erik Lidman. On October 14th, the first report from this project was launched at a seminar with Carmine Di Noia, Director, OECD Directorate for Financial and Enterprise Affairs, and Henrik Braconier, Chief Economist as speakers. The seminar was moderated by directors Rolf Skog and Professor Erik Lidman.The report   provides a detailed account of the Swedish corporate bond market. Based on original data, it offers an overview of how [...]

How should we think about corporate governance regulation?

2022-11-04T10:59:20+01:0011 October, 2022|

When shaping tomorrow's corporate governance regulations, we should rely on two basic principles. First to encourage pluralism and flexibility between companies, countries and over time. Second, regulatory incentives should focus on facilitating the supply and use of equity capital.Speech held by SCGI Director Mats Isaksson* at the Corporate Governance BoardAnnual Conference on October 11, 2022. Read the entire speech in pdf

Global Trends in Arbitration 2022: Conference Report

2022-10-31T09:50:32+01:0031 August, 2022|

Dr Crina BaltagThe 3rd joint biennial conference organized by the Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law (SCCL) and Oxford Institute of European and Comparative Law (IECL) took place on 2-3 June 2022 in Stockholm.This edition of the Conference set to highlight the latest developments and trends in international commercial arbitration in light of the experiences gained during the pandemic, as well as to look at the future of investment treaty arbitration in Europe.The Conference kicked off with the welcome addresses by André Andersson, Senior Adviser at Mannheimer Swartling and Chair of the SCCL; Ciara Kennefick, Associate Professor of Law at the [...]

Professor emeritus Ulf Bernitz in memoriam

2022-08-26T11:49:28+02:0015 August, 2022|

Photo: Staffan Westerlund Obituary Oxford Obituary Stockholm (in Swedish) Professor emeritus Ulf Bernitz has, after a short illness, died on 23 July 2022 aged 86. Ulf was active academically until the end, including as Head of the Research Panel for European Law at the SCCL. In 2001, Ulf was instrumental in setting up the successful collaboration between the Law Faculties at the Universities of Oxford and Stockholm, which has developed into the extensive cooperation now under the auspices of the SCCL. Until his death he was also an active member of the Institute of European and Comparative Law i [...]

The Swedish Securities Market, through an affiliated foundation, has granted funds to SCCL for research into the Swedish market for corporate bonds

2022-10-19T16:49:02+02:0027 June, 2022|

SCCL will use the grant of SEK 1 million to start a long-term project involving several researchers and other stakeholders over time. Initially, partial studies are intended to be carried out around Swedish market regulation of corporate bonds. Other issues that may be addressed are self-regulation versus statutory regulation, pros and cons of different regulatory models, principles for monitoring affected markets, issues of transparency, and the meaning of the principle of equal treatment in these markets. The intention is for the research to be discussed and presented at a series of seminars and a conference, as well as [...]

Swedish Corporate Governance Institute, new part of the SCCL

2022-10-31T10:48:45+01:008 June, 2022|

The Stockholm Centre for Commercial Law (SCCL) is pleased to announce that the Swedish Corporate Governance Institute has been established as a new part of the SCCL, and will function as a research panel for corporate governance. The institute will conduct applied corporate governance research and knowledge exchange from a law and economics perspective on how the regulatory framework and market practices affects business dynamics, ownership, entrepreneurship, innovation and investments in the real economy. The work will be focused on topical legal and regulatory issues as well as legal and market practices relevant for Swedish business, companies and the [...]

Stockholm Arbitration Yearbook 2021 is published

2022-10-31T09:50:35+01:0027 January, 2022|

The third annual edition of the Stockholm Arbitration Yearbook offers interesting reading on current arbitration law, procedure and practice, as well as commentary on Swedish arbitration-related court decisions. Building on Stockholm’s role as a hub for international commercial and investment arbitration, the Yearbook addresses issues that are of interest to the wider international arbitration community. Each volume contains articles on arbitration practice in general and on Swedish arbitration law, contributed by Swedish and international practitioners and academics. The 2021 edition of the Yearbook contains 15 articles. Topics addressed include: •  the arbitral tribunal’s deliberation and decision-making; •  how to [...]

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