1717 November, 2023

New doctoral dissertation at SCCL

On 17 November 2023, Girion Blomdahl defended his dissertation Who owns nature – A property law study on the relationship between the use of property rights and the protection of nature. Not least the political discussions in recent years show that there can be a contradiction between property rights [...]

2727 October, 2023

André Andersson receives the Swedish Bar Association’s award for outstanding contributions to the legal profession

Since 2012, the Swedish Bar Association has awarded an annual prize for outstanding contributions to the legal profession. This year’s award has been given to André Andersson, Chairman of the SCCL and Senior Adviser at Mannheimer Swartling. He receives the award for, among other things, his commitment to and work [...]

2929 June, 2023

Positive evaluation of SCCL

According to Stockholm University's rules for centres, the activities of a centre must be evalu-ated at least every six years. On 31 August 2022, Professor Ellen Eftestøl was appointed re-viewer of SCCL. On 23 March 2023, she submitted her report to the Board of Human Scienc-es. On 29 June 2023, [...]

1818 April, 2023

Professor Dr Birke Häcker has been awarded an honorary doctorate at the Faculty of Law in Stockholm

On 17 April 2023, Professor Dr Birke Häcker was awarded an honorary doctorate at the Faculty of Law in Stockholm. As Birke Häcker is a close and long-standing friend of the SCCL, we are particularly happy about this well-deserved award. The promotion will take place in the City Hall (Stockholms [...]

3030 March, 2023

The EU COM Proposal for a Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive

Corporate governance and business have an important role to play in the green transition and sustainability. There are however serious risks tied to the enforcement of corporate governance standards that are not carefully crafted, such as parts of the COM:s proposal for a Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive. There [...]

77 March, 2023

How populism is undermining accountability in corporate governance

Populist trends in corporate governance are undermining the quality of public policy, the legitimacy of democratic institutions and the functioning of our market economies. Rather than loading companies with unrealistic public responsibilities, we need to establish a fair and functional division of powers and responsibilities between politics and business. Business [...]

1414 February, 2023

Lundbergföretagen initiates collaboration with the Swedish Corporate Governance Institute at Stockholm University

Lundbergföretagen has started a ten-year collaboration with the Swedish Corporate Governance Institute (SCGI) at Stockholm University with the aim of establishing SCGI as a world-leading research institute for corporate governance. The institute shall conduct applied research and education in the field of corporate governance from a legal and economic perspective. [...]

2727 June, 2022

The Swedish Securities Market, through an affiliated foundation, has granted funds to SCCL for research into the Swedish market for corporate bonds

SCCL will use the grant of SEK 1 million to start a long-term project involving several researchers and other stakeholders over time. Initially, partial studies are intended to be carried out around Swedish market regulation of corporate bonds. Other issues that may be addressed are self-regulation versus statutory [...]

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