At the last board meeting on 14 May 2024, it was decided to establish a new research panel at SCCL, Lawyers and Society. Many prominent law faculties around the world have programs, institutes, centers, or the like devoted to the study and support of various aspects of the legal profession. The topic ranges from issues related to law as a career and business, the role of lawyers in society, the work environment of lawyers, to legal certainty and the provision of justice, etc. The research panel will, from an interdisciplinary perspective, focus on four core areas to examine the structures, norms and dynamics of the global legal profession:

• Legal careers and their versatility
• Innovation and legal markets
• Legal education and legal ethics
• Justice and access to justice

Behind the initiative are, among others, Professor Laura Carlson, Associate Professor Emil Elgebrant, Associate Professor Cyril Holm, Associate Professor Katarina Fast and Lawyer Adam Green.