SCCL is governed by a Board and an Administrative Director. Special purpose Committees and Working Groups can be established by the Board. SCCL consists of a Scientific Council and an Administrative council plus a number of Research Panels. To SCCL can be affiliated Fellows, Visiting Fellows and Senior Visiting Fellows.

SCCL is located in the Stockholm University Library building, on floor six. A mixture of legal researchers, both young doctorate candidates, experienced researchers and retired professors, are located here. SCCL is also home for a ever expanding specialised, legal research library.

The Board consists of a Chairman and four to nine members, appointed for a three-year term by the Chancellor of Stockholm University.

As of January 2023, the members are:
Lawyer, Jur. Dr H.C., André Andersson (Chairman)
Senior Lecturer Mia Carlsson
Lawyer, Jur. Dr, Per Henriksson
Supreme Court Justice Svante O. Johansson
Chief Legal Officer Dick Lundqvist
Professor Mårten Schultz
Lawyer Daniel Vargö
Lecturer Jessica Östberg

The Director is responsible for administration and economy of SCCL, and is answerable to the Board. He or she is appointed for a three-year term by the Chancellor of the Stockholm university.

As of January 2022, the Director is:
Professor Göran Millqvist.

The Scientific Council consists of a Chairman and maximum five members, appointed for a three-year term by the Board. The majority of the Council must be academically engaged.

The main tasks of the Scientific Council are:

  • To initiate and coordinate research projects administered by SCCL
  • To promote the publication and proliferation of research results; and
  • To promote international contacts and cooperation within legal research.

As of January 2022, the members are:
Justice Johnny Herre, chair
Professor Laura Carlson
Professor Birgitte Hagland
Professor Jesper Lau Hansen
Docent Ulf Maunsbach
Professor Björn Sandvik

The Administrative Council consists of the Director and three other members, who are appointed by the Board for a period of a three years. The members of the Administrative Council are researchers or doctoral students at SCCL.

As of January 2022 the members are:
Professor Göran Millqvist (Director)
J D Caroline Nordklint
Doctoral student Fredrik Sandberg
Doctoral student Alexander Unnersjö

The Research Panels are made up of representatives from the academic community, public and governmental agencies, courts, law practices and business undertakings. New Panels can be established by the Board.

The Research Panels have an extensive range of seminar activities, that attracts a large number of participants. It is also common for Panels to co-operate and arrange joint seminars with other Panels and external bodies. In some cases, the subject of the seminar is developed into a major conference, which in turn has resulted in additions to SCCL’s publication series.

Seminar activities have been successful in the sense of triggering widespread discussion in the subject field concerned, which is to the benefit both to the participants themselves and to researchers affiliated to SCCL. The researchers have an opportunity to present their current research, and can also keep abreast with ongoing discussions in the subject fields concerned. The seminars also give other participants an opportunity to meet and to discuss topics of importance in their various professional fields.