Stina Bratt

In memory of former partner Sven Unger and his contributions, both to the firm and to company law doctrine, Mannheimer Swartling announced a one year post-doctoral research scholarship in company law in cooperation with the Swedish Corporate Governance Institute.

At a meeting on 2 June 2023, the award committee decided to award the Sven Unger Company Law Scholarship to Jur. Dr Stina Bratt.

“Stina’s research proposal, which focuses on the regulation of discharge from liability, is topical. It also creatively intersects the areas of law to which Sven devoted particular attention in his academic writing – company law, corporate governance and tort. The committee looks forward to serving as a reference group for the research project which promises to be a welcome contribution by a young and talented academic to a subject fraught with unresolved issues.”

Stina will work for one year on this project, which should result in the publication of a research report and a final seminar at which the research is presented and discussed.

The award committee consisted of Supreme Court Justice Svante O Johansson (chair), Professor Rolf Skog, Professor Niklas Arvidsson, Advokat Eva Hägg and Advokat Patrik Marcelius.