Lundbergföretagen has started a ten-year collaboration with the Swedish Corporate Governance Institute (SCGI) at Stockholm University with the aim of establishing SCGI as a world-leading research institute for corporate governance.

The institute shall conduct applied research and education in the field of corporate governance from a legal and economic perspective. The focus will be on current issues for Swedish listed companies and the stock market, and the Swedish model for corporate governance. The institute collaborates with an extensive Swedish and international network of academics and practitioners. The institute will also promote the regrowth of lawyers and economists with knowledge of Swedish corporate governance, as well as act as a platform to increase cooperation between practice and academia in corporate governance matters.

– SCGI will conduct research with direct, applied relevance for companies and rule-makers in corporate governance, and work to promote the understanding and development of Swedish models for corporate governance. A core focus will also include knowledge exchange with business leaders and the public. The cooperation with and support from Lundbergs is of decisive importance for the possibility of starting up the institute’s operations. We are very grateful for Lundbergs trust and the choice to support SCGI, says Professor Göran Millqvist, director of the Stockholm Center for Commercial Law to which the institute is affiliated.

– We have been missing a research institute with a focus on Swedish and Nordic corporate governance, and SCGI is a very important initiative. We hope that SCGI’s operations will strengthen the Swedish model for corporate governance and contribute with the basis to uphold our model within the EU and promote Swedish competitiveness, says Louise Lindh, CEO of Lundbergs Fastigheter and board member of L E Lundbergföretagen.

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