The third annual edition of the Stockholm Arbitration Yearbook offers interesting reading on current arbitration law, procedure and practice, as well as commentary on Swedish arbitration-related court decisions.

Building on Stockholm’s role as a hub for international commercial and investment arbitration, the Yearbook addresses issues that are of interest to the wider international arbitration community. Each volume contains articles on arbitration practice in general and on Swedish arbitration law, contributed by Swedish and international practitioners and academics.

The 2021 edition of the Yearbook contains 15 articles. Topics addressed include:

•  the arbitral tribunal’s deliberation and decision-making;

•  how to get unwilling witnesses to appear;

•  recent Swedish arbitration-related court decisions;

•  claims based on fraud and other non-contractual claims; and

•  the interaction between the arbitral tribunal and experts.

The Stockholm Arbitration Yearbook is published by Wolters Kluwer under the auspices of the Centre for Commercial Law at Stockholm University. Editors are Axel Calissendorff (Partner, Calissendorff Advokatbyrå) and Patrik Schöldström (Judge, Svea Court of Appeal). SCC Secretary General Kristin Campbell-Wilson is a member of the editorial bord.

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