Sara Göthlin

Award to Sara Göthlin

This year, the Insolvency Law Forum Foundation’s Literature Prize went to one of our employees, LL.D. Sara Göthlin, for her doctoral dissertation Priority and Agreement – Intercreditor Agreement in Swedish Law, especially in Insolvency. She shared the prize with Markus Ehrenpil, LL.D. (Uppsala University), for his doctoral dissertation Reconstruction Settlement.
Sara defended her thesis at Stockholm University in 2023. The justification for the prize, which was read out by the chairman of the foundation, prof. em. Mikael Möller, said:
“In the thesis, Göthlin conducts the first in-depth investigation of the substantive and insolvency law effects of agreements on directed subordination in Swedish law. Based on a genuine knowledge of the construction and use of agreements in the credit and financial markets, she leads the reader safely through large areas of unbroken legal ground. The analyses rest on a systematically stable foundation and the conclusions are consistently very well balanced. From my own experience, I can already say that this is where you should primarily go for guidance on subordination issues with some degree of complexity.”