According to Stockholm University’s rules for centres, the activities of a centre must be evalu-ated at least every six years. On 31 August 2022, Professor Ellen Eftestøl was appointed re-viewer of SCCL. On 23 March 2023, she submitted her report to the Board of Human Scienc-es. On 29 June 2023, the Vice-Chancellor decided that the activities at the Centre for Com-mercial Law in Stockholm will continue without any changes.
In her summary conclusions, Professor Eftestøl states that SCCL is a leading player in its field in Sweden and undoubtedly fulfills an important function at Stockholm University. In her opinion, SCCL has the potential to develop into a leading player for the development of juris-prudence in the commercial field, not only in Sweden but in the Nordic region as a whole.
Professor Eftestøl bases her conclusions primarily on the following premises:
1. SCCL represents a unique meeting place for legal researchers and practicing lawyers. This allows for a dynamic interaction between practical legal life and scientific research to the ben-efit of both fields.
2. SCCL’s legal scholars work primarily with a legal dogmatic method (but with strong ele-ments of legal comparison, critical analysis and legal economics). The method is particularly suited to commercial law which requires insight into and understanding of practical reality. The meeting place is therefore crucial for the quality of research.
3. SCCL has established a unique connection with Oxford University, one of the world’s lead-ing universities and a representative of the Common Law system. Especially in commercial law, Common Law is an important area for comparative research.
All of us who work at SCCL are happy and proud after reading the report and will in the fu-ture work even harder to make SCCL a leading player in the development of jurisprudence in the commercial field in the Nordic region.