Rolf Skog
Rolf SkogDirector
was the driving force behind the Swedish companies act 2005 and is one of the globally leading corporate law scholars. He has published over 200 academic articles on company law, stock market regulation and corporate governance. He is a director general of the Swedish Securities Council, a company law expert at the Swedish Ministry of Justice, and a member of the OECD Corporate Governance Committee, and has held professorial positions at a number of universities in Sweden and abroad, including Columbia Law School.
Mats Isaksson
Mats IsakssonDirector
is a member of the Swedish Corporate Governance Board. He was until 2021 the head of the Corporate Governance and Corporate Finance Division at the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), focused on public policy advise in corporate governance, capital markets and state-owned enterprises. Mr. Isaksson serves on the Advisory Board of the Centre for Global Markets and Corporate Ownership at Columbia University and is already a Senior Visiting Fellow at the SCCL. He is a founding Director of the Swedish Corporate Governance Forum and a recipient of the Lifetime Achievement Award from the International Corporate Governance Network.
“Having lead OECDs policy work on corporate governance and capital markets for 25 years I have always considered the SCCL as a unique resource with practical focus on the link between regulatory design and the real economy. Returning to Sweden, I hope to contribute my international experience and look forward to work in a truly stimulating and relevant environment”
Erik Lidman
Erik LidmanDirector
is an associate Professor of corporate law and has held positions at Gothenburg University and the Stockholm School of Economics. He has written extensively in the areas of corporate governance, company law and stock market regulation, and have consulted for organisations such as the OECD, the World Bank and the Swedish Corporate Governance Board. He is an editor of the Nordic Journal of Corporate Law and a co-manager for the Corporate Governance Forum. He is also a rapporteur to the Securities Council, one of Sweden’s representatives in the ESMA Takeover Bids Network, and the secretary to the Nasdaq Stockholm Disciplinary Committee.