A leading research centre in Commercial Law in the Nordic region

SCCL is under superintendence of the Area Board of Humanities and Social Sciences at Stockholm University. SCCL was inaugurated with inspiration from the Centre for Commercial Law Studies at Queen Mary, University of London. Today around 25 researchers, focusing on Commercial Law, are affiliated to SCCL, which makes SCCL to the leading research centre in Commercial Law in the Nordic region.
The Swedish Corporate Governance Institute, SCGI, is a new part of the SCCL, and will function as a research panel for corporate governance.

SCCL is in its activities focusing on:


The Swedish Securities Market, through an affiliated foundation, has granted funds to SCCL for research into the Swedish market for corporate bonds

SCCL will use the grant of SEK 1 million to start a long-term project involving several researchers and other stakeholders over time. Initially, partial studies are intended to be carried out around Swedish market regulation of corporate bonds. [...]

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