2727 oktober, 2022

The EU COM Proposal for a Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive

Speech by director Rolf Skog given on 27 Oct 2022 at the conference Nuevas Obligaciones de los Administradores de las Sociedades de Capital, organized by Ilustre Colegio Notarial de Madrid. Corporate governance and business have an important role to play in the green transition and sustainability. There are however serious [...]

1111 oktober, 2022

How should we think about corporate governance regulation?

When shaping tomorrow's corporate governance regulations, we should rely on two basic principles. First to encourage pluralism and flexibility between companies, countries and over time. Second, regulatory incentives should focus on facilitating the supply and use of equity capital.Speech held by SCGI Director Mats Isaksson* at the Corporate Governance BoardAnnual [...]

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